How To Look Great Even Without Makeup!
By: admin_8apothecary Date: October 07, 2016

Heavy, full-cover make-up is just too much.

Constantly clogging your pores with thick foundation, and drying it out with the office air conditioning is a big no-no!

For some of us though, going bare skinned, without any make-up is also not an option since we have less than perfect skin.

Here are some tips to ditch that cosmetic mask and still look stunning without make-up.

Follow these simple steps:

1. Exfoliate Once Weekly

Simple but priceless.

Exfoliation is the cheapest way in which to get your skin brighter and glowing as if walking out of a beauty salon and make-up artist studio, one after the other. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and reveals your new and fresh skin from beneath. It fades scars from blemishes and other marks. It is a simple, no-fuss mean of transforming your skin.

2. Moisturize Twice Daily

With just exfoliating and moisturizing you are almost at your end goal of having the perfect skin without make-up. These two steps are essential for all and should never be disregarded. Moisturising is essential to keep your skin from ageing. It is simple but yet a MUST!

3. Eat Right Daily Thrice A Day

We often think that diet has nothing to do with our face but actually it has everything to do with our complexion.

Diet plays about 65% role in having beautiful skin.

This is a large number! You could be exfoliating, moisturizing, applying masks, serums and other wonders to your skin but if you do not eat right nothing will change much. What you eat is essential to looking great not only when regarding weight but your skin as well. Food contain essential nutrients, omega 3 acids, antioxidants and vitamins which are vital to keep that glorious complexion.

4. Drink Lemon Water Every Morning

Yes, we know it sounds simple but then why aren’t you doing it? Drink a cup of warm water with lemon every single morning and make sure that you have your 2 litres each day. There is nothing more important than your water intake. We can live longer without food than without water, what does this tell you? It is not a surprise, our bodies are made up of 60% water. Don’t take our word for it – Google it! That is how important hydrating is.

Water will flush out all of your toxins and other waste from your body. Adding lemon in It will just speed up the process and boost your immune system with the high vitamin C intake.

With that said, it is time to start changing up our daily routines and start working towards a perfect complexion!