Eye Detox Specific Asian

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Formulated for Asian skin. Anti-dark circles and eye bags

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Eye Detox Specific is specially formulated to help fight against different types of dark circles that appear on Asian skin.

Dark circles are caused by different factors depending on the color of the skin.
Eye Detox® Specific, the 1st anti-dark circle treatment which fights against the known causes and against 2 causes never treated before: oxidation of blood under the eye and inflammation of the eye contour.


Classic anti-dark circle treatment products exclusively treat the problems of microcirculation and skin aging. Talika discovered an active ingredient which acts on two other unknown causes of dark circles for the 1st time ever :

– The oxidation of blood that has escaped from microcapillaries (phenomenon which gives the dark circles color)
– Inflammation of the eye contour.

Anti-dark circles, anti-puffiness, smooths, soothes and hydrates.

  • Dark circles : 100% efficiency*
  • Dark circles intensity : -26%**
  • Puffiness : 67% area***

*Clinical trial – % of autosatisfaction – 10 subjects – 2 months
**Clinical trial – colorimetry measures- 10 volunteers – 2 months
***Consumer test – % of satisfaction on views expressed – 25 volunteers – 2 months

Chromadetox®, brown algae extract : anti-aging and anti-inflammatory.
Escin, boosts microcirculation.


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