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Light Duo+ is a trio of powerful anti-aging light treatments all in one tool. Innovatively designed, it firms the skins surface to reduce fine lines, reduces pigmentation and redness, and helps to fight the visible signs of ageing. The combination of ‘touch free’ technology and vibrating recognition delivers a professional treatment from home for a fully rejuvenated face.

Clinical studies results

  • 30% reduction in wrinkle after 28 days.
  • 46% reduction in pigmentation after 60 days
  • 52% reduction in redness after one hour


Light 590 Collagen Booster (Orange)
– 30%* in wrinkle volume after 28 days.

Light 525® Skin Lightener (Green)
– 46%** pigmentation after 60 days

Light 630 Skin Soother (Red)
– 52%*** redness – after one hour

*Clinical test on 30 volunteers (590 nm) – 1 month
**Clinical test on 30 volunteers (525 nm) – 2 months
***Clinical test on 25 volunteers,(630 nm)

  • Light 590acts on collagen synthesis and elastin production to visibly firm and smooth wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Light 525  acts on pigmentation intensity to reduce dark spots.
  • Light 630® soothes the skin, reduces redness and controls the micro-inflammations that accelerate skin ageing.

Press the device’s white ON / OFF button to switch it on. Select the treatment option.

OPTION A: Light treatment
Select light (right-hand button), click on start (left-hand button) and hold the device 2 or 3 cm from your face. Use each light as indicated depending on the zone.

OPTION B:  Light treatment with ionotherapy and gentle vibrations
Select light (right-hand button) and place the device onto your skin (with or without your skincare product). Use each light as indicated de- pending on the zone. Ionotherapy and the gentle vibrations will begin automatically as soon as the device comes into contact with your skin.

At the end of the treatment, switch off the device using the ON / OFF button. Store the device in the protective pouch (included).

Light 630 – 1 minute, use once a day for each zone
Light 590 – 45 seconds, use once a day for each zone
Light 525 – 1 minute, use twice a day for each zone



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