Light X-Slim

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4-in-1 device for slimming and skin rejuvenation

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The slimming and skin-regenerating solution combines three wavelengths to “eradicate” bulges and cellulite.

INVISIBLE INFRARED LIGHT: Infrared light is fully biocompatible and penetrates deep down. It opens the pores of the fat cells and takes action on the lymphatic network to remove fat. It also stimulates collagen production and promotes smooth fascia.

VISIBLE LIGHT at WAVELENGTH 630: Produces an anti-inflammatory action. Combined with infrared light, it stimulates collagen production and regenerates the skin. It firms skin and acts against the orange skin effect.

ULTRASOUND WAVE + MASSAGE:  X-SLIM emits ultrasound for a micro-massaging, draining and anti-oedema action. The power of ultrasound vibrations breaks down fat cells and reduces toxins!  In addition, ultrasound helps Talika Slim Serum’s (sold separately) active ingredients to penetrate much deeper, helping reducing even more fat cells.

SAFETY NOTE: No heat, burning, redness. Only for neck and body. (Important warning and restriction: This product emits pulses of light that may be uncomfortable for certain people. We strongly recommend that people with epilepsy, photophobic, pacemakers or who are pregnant should avoid using this product.)

In 28 days :
Reduces the circumference of the tights by up to 2cm.*
Reduces the cellulite up to 50% Breaks up fat depostis*
Boosts micro-circulation
Improves the skin tone
* Clinical test on 15 women for 56 days, with Slim Serum application.

  • Pick up the device. It activates in stand by position immediately.
  • Apply device on the first area to be treated. Its action will start automatically within a few seconds. For best results use on bare skin, but Light X-Slim can also be used on clothes (dark and thin).
  • Allow the device to rest or slowly slide over the area to be treated within a radius of 5cm for about one minute.
  • After one minute, the device vibration becomes continuous for a few seconds, indicating that it is time to move the application to the next area to be treated.
  • For even better results and comfort, use in combination with TALIKA Slim Serum.
  • The device can be recharged via the mains or a USB port.
  • Light X-Slim is guaranteed 2 years.


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