A_Mava Flex Serum 10ml


Moisturising serum for nails

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Nails that are very dry, too hard and brittle are often due to external drying factors – such as harsh chemicals, working with frequent contact with water, overexposure to sun –  but also to internal factors -such as age, diet, heredity.
MAVA-FLEX is a well-balanced concentrate based on urea and saccharides, calcium, lemon essential oil and vitamin B5. It is a penetrating, moisturizing and fortifying care. It targets the optimum moisture balance, to restore and maintain its flexibility to the nail plate. The result: healthy, therefore flexible, shiny and soft nails, that do not break anymore.

Healthy nails that are flexible, shiny and soft;  do not break easily anymore.

  • Urea
  • Saccharides
  • Calcium
  • Lemon essential oil
  • Vitamin B5.

Brush onto the entire nail surface, after having removed any trace of nail polish, grease or oil. Massage in with your thumb, leave to penetrate. If you continue with your manicure, make sure you remove first the excess of product with a paper tissue. To be used twice a week on bare nails, ideally before going to bed to allow this serum to act during the night.


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