J.F. Lazartigue

Moisturizing Mask for Dry and Coloured Hair Shampoo (250ml)


Gently cleanse hair sensitised by colouring with JF LAZARTIGUE’s Moisturising Shampoo. Formulated with no sulfates or silicones, the creamy texture penetrates deep into the fibres while prolonging colour vibrancy.

This Moisturizing Shampoo is an ultra-gentle washing treatment shampoo for very dry, color treated or processed hair. Its formula is rich in peptides, oligosaccharides, and hydrating agents of plants origins (Quillaja extracts). This provides it with restucturing and protective properties. The Moisturizing Shampoo has a spectacular effect on color treated hair. It leaves the hair silky and shiny. It gives volume and body to the hair and reduces static electricity. It prolongs the intensity and duration of the color and renews its lost brightness.

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Colouring destabilises the structure of the hair, which becomes porous and very sensitised. With no specific shampoo, the hair scales quickly lift, resulting in the loss of pigments with the water used to wash the hair. Colour shine is dull and fades. Your hair feels dry and coarse.

To gently cleanse hair that has been sensitised by colour products, this cream-shampoo with an aromatic floral fragrance is formulated with no sulfates or silicone. With its acidic pH, the creamy texture closes the scales of the fibre and keeps colour pigments deep inside the hair to prolong colour radiance. Camellia oil, rich in omega-6, coupled with a powerful plant-based antioxidant, deeply moisturise the fibre and deliver vibrant colour.


Prolongs colour radiance

For colour-treated hair

Camellia Oil, rich in Omega-6, to deeply moisturise the fibre

Floral fragrance

No sulfates or silicones

Wet hair thoroughly. Spread over all the hair, then massage in gently to work up a foam. Rinse. Proceed with a second application if necessary.

In case of contact with eyes, rinse.


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