Purifying Energy Booster

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Clears acne-prone skin with light therapy

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Are you suffering from acne, pimples or blackheads? Worry no longer! Talika’s new Purifying Energy Booster will not only fade these away, but also leave your skin spotless and even. The blue light stops acne causing bacterial activity and regulates the sebum production, responsible for shiny areas. The red light reduces inflammation and helps heal and sooth the skin. 2-3 minutes a day for a beautiful even skin, pimple free, in less than 7 days! Can be used as a preventive care and as a treatment. Comes with a conic applicator to focus the treatment and to ensure hygiene.


After 7 days*
-26% Imperfections
-25% Shiny areas

Thoroughly cleanse your skin. Apply conic applicator on head of PURIFYING ENERGY BOOSTER® and approach the device on the surface of the naked skin, without touching it directly.

Start the device by pressing the button, the button and the side of the body will light in blue, the red (630 nm) and blue (440 nm) lights of the treatment will light up in the head of the device.

After 1 minute the button will flash twice in red and the device will shut down.To restart the device, just press the button once again.

Should you wish to stop the treatment before the treatment is over, you can do so by pressing the button for 2 seconds. The button will then light in red and the device will shut down.


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