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Ultra-Regenerating Conditioner (150ml)

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Revitalise mature hair with the JF LAZARTIGUE Ultra-Regenerating Conditioner. The formula contains Keratin for strength and elasticity, Collagen for protecting the hair and Hyaluronic Acid to deeply nourish your locks.

Conditioner (150 ml)
Anti-ageing hair care
For mature and devitalised hair
Keratin to improve strength and elasticity
Hyaluronic Acid to prevent hair lesions and hydrate hair shaft
Collagen for coating and protecting the hair
Paraben and silicone free
Colour: Non Applicable

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Due to chemical treatments (colouring, lightening) or repeated warm hairstyling (blow-drying, straightening), the internal structure of your hair is damaged and lacks essential elements. The hair fibre’s raw material, keratin, is deeply damaged. Depending on how aggressive the hairstyling is, the hair can become damaged or deeply damaged and in need of a shock treatment to restore its structure.

The ultra-concentrated formula of this Ultra-regenerating conditioner is enriched with botanical keratin and tamarind seed extract, known for its hyaluronic acid-like properties, to repair, restructure and regenerate the hair without weighing it down. Its creamy texture with a botanical fruity fragrance instantly envelops the fibre, repairs it, and leaves the hair detangled, regenerated, soft and silky.

The Ultra-regenerating conditioner is particularly suitable for bleached hair (blonde hair) to combat the hair’s porousness and close its scales. It envelops and protects weakened hair to prevent breakage.

This Ultra-regenerating conditioner  instantly envelops the fibre, repairs it, and leaves the hair detangled, regenerated, soft and silky.

Botanical keratin with repairing and regenerating properties.

Tamarind seed extract with hyaluronic acid-like properties.

Formulated with 92% ingredients of natural origin, the Ultra-regenerating conditioner is guaranteed to contain NO SILICONES, NO MINERAL OIL and NO ARTIFICIAL COLOUR, to ensure the best quality for the hair and scalp.

We replaced silicones with a combination of natural botanical oils (babassu, coconut and soy), which act deeply to moisturise and soften the hair fibre and restore naturally healthy, soft hair.

The Ultra-regenerating conditioner is extremely respectful and contains an Ecocert-approved natural preservative system. No fewer than 300 applications were needed to ensure its quality, effectiveness and safety.

As natural formulas are an essential part of respect for the animal world, the Ultra-regenerating conditioner formula is guaranteed VEGAN, which means that it does not contain any animal material or animal products and is obviously not tested on animals.

Our commitment to nature goes hand in hand with our demanding requirements for products that are a pleasure to use. The Ultra-regenerating conditioner creates a real sensory experience with its enveloping, botanical, VEGAN fragrance, developed in the French town of Grasse by talented expert perfumers.

Ingredients may be subject to change; we recommend checking the ingredients list on the product purchased.

Apply to towel-dried hair after shampooing. Spread over lengths and tips. Leave on for a few minutes, lather, and rinse.

In case of contact with eyes, rinse.


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