White Energy Booster

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Clears dark spots triple action device

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Safe, small and a trendy design – Talika white energy on the go!  The triple-action WHITE ENERGY BOOSTER combines proven LED phototherapy has brightening and anti-dark spot benefit, micro-vibration and ion-sonic technology stimulate cell function and increase cellular exchange which helps the active ingredients in your skincare products to perform to their maximum potential. After two months of daily use and leave your skin radiant and luminous.


After 30 days*
-30% Dark spot reduction

After 60 days*
-46% Dark spot reduction

• Set the device in stand-by mode by pressing the button, the button should light in blue.

• Use on its own or in combination with TALIKA Brightening Cream or Light Quintessence to lighten your skin, eliminate dark spots and other blemishes. (Do not dip booster into cream directly, please apply it with an applicator.)

• Once in stand by mode, activate the device by placing your finger on the shiny silver ring around the body of
the device and applying the head of the device on the area you wish to treat.

• Apply WHITE ENERGY BOOSTER on the areas needing treatment for 2 minutes once a day.


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