Youth Energy Booster

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Award winning eye anti-aging device

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Talika latest innovation was born out of the desire to make our technological expertise in skin care even more accessible and easier to use every day. With Youth Energy Booster® – a miraculous, new generation eye contour anti-aging device – gently re-activate your cells’ youth potential !

Lines, wrinkles and sagging skin around the eyes can be prevented and corrected by Talika Youth Energy Booster for the eye contour. It combines proven LED phototherapy with ion-sonic and micro-vibration technology. Orange and red lights rebuild skin around the eyes while micro-vibration and ion-sonic technologies stimulate cell function.


After 14 days*
+26% Collagen

After 28 days*
-36% Wrinkles

• Set the device in stand-by mode by pressing the button, the button should light in blue.

• Use on its own or in combination with TALIKA Eye Contour Gel or Eye Dream to fight eye contour aging.

• Once in stand-by mode, activate the device by placing your finger on the shiny silver ring around the
body of the device and applying the head of the device on the eye contour area.

• Apply YOUTH ENERGY BOOSTER® on the eye contour for 2 minutes once a day.


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